A guru plays a crucial role in shaping an artist. The guru is not only a teacher, but also a beacon and a guide. He or she not only imparts the technical and artistic aspects of the art but also cultivates a deep passion for the art form in the student. The student also draws spiritual and philosophical inspiration from her guru. Nithya Rajendran has had the good fortune of learning both Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music under eminent and accomplished gurus.

Carnatic Classical Music
Nithya commenced her Carnatic music learning at the young age of five, from Smt. Vijaya Natarajan, (singer to famous Bharathanatiyam dancer Smt Padma Subramaniam).

She later went on to learn from several eminent gurus like Sri Kailasam, Smt Malathy Santhanam, each representing a different style.    

Her learning enhanced immensely under the tutelage of :Smt. Bhushany Kalyanaraman (wife and disciple of Tanjore S Kalyanaman, direct disciple of G.N.Balasubramaniam), and

Shri Poona Pragna Rao, (son and disciple of Sangita Kalanidhi, the late Shri Sandhyavanadanam Srinivasa Rao)
She went on to learn from Padmashri  Dr. Gayatri Shankaran, (vocalist and violinist and disciple of Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman)

She is currently undergoing her advanced training under Smt. Thara Vijayaraghavan whose style effortlessly integrates the styles of greats like Smt. M.L. Vasantakumari and Shri G N Balasubramaniam.

Nithya was chosen in younger years for the esteemed workshop training by Shri. T.V. Gopalakrishnan.

Hindustani Classical Music
Nithya commenced her learning in Hindustani classical music over a decade ago under Smt Lakshmi Sriram belonging to the Jaipur gharana.  

 She later came under the tutelage of eminent and popular thumri and khayal artiste, belonging to the Kirana  gharana, Smt Dhanashree Pandit Rai (disciple of Shoba Gurtu and Pandit Firoz Dastur respectively)

 She had the good fortune of receiving guidance from khayal exponent Smt. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande belonging to the Jaipur gharana for sometime.

Nithya has also been trained by Smt Shuchita Athlekar (disciple of Pandit Firoz Dastur and Shri Ashok Ranade)

Nithya is currently under the aegis of Smt Usha Deshpande Tikekar who is a disciple of Pandit Firoz Dastur of the Kirana gharana and hails from a family of musicians. Smt Usha's father and mother belong to the Agra and Jaipur gharana respectively. Smt Deshpande therefore integrates in her teaching, the best of the three styles. Nithya is also fortunate to have received numerous compositions of Smt Deshpande.