'Life is a journey full of adventure, in which we are all passengers. Through living our lives we get to see and experience the various things that life has to offer. Through these experiences we are introduced to different emotions that they kindle…. pain, pleasure, sadness, joy, grief, excitement, fear, anger, frustration, helplessness, disillusionment, disappointment, envy, pride, compassion, disgust, love, hate and myriad others

Yet, there is one thing that we seek above everything else - something that seems ever elusive. That "something" is Bliss - an inner state of tranquil, peaceful happiness. This is a state which differs from other forms of worldly joys in its depth and its longevity. This is a coveted state, a state that saints and sinners, men and women, young and old; all aspire consciously or unconsciously for.

I believe that music is a path to achieving this state. Indian classical music has all colours of human emotion within it - the joy and beauty of raag Yaman, the sadness of raag Todi, the pride and valour of raag Bilawal, the longing of raag Kalavati, the patriotism of raag Desh, the playfulness of raag Khamaj and numerous others. All these raagas have the power to connect with the nuances of every human emotion. In an unconscious and yet powerful way, we are led by the music that we hear and sing, to find expression to our emotions. The reason we find music so powerfully moving is not only because we connect very deeply to its emotional content but also because we find in music, a symbolic solution to those emotions in the Shadaj ('Sa') or resting place of each melody… a place of zero conflict, a place where all duality ends, where all sounds merge and all colours unite into pure white... a place of Bliss.

I have experienced this bliss many a time. Music has been and continues to be a guru, a guide, a beacon that never fails to lead me to my 'Sa' no matter what or how I may be feeling at any time. THIS I believe is the true purpose of Indian music, THIS I believe should be the spiritual purpose of every human being… to find his or her 'Sa' through the different ragas of their life experiences. My endeavor for the people I connect with, through my performances, workshops or concert demonstrations, is to show them how to draw from music so that they can find, at any point in time in their lives, their personal state of bliss… their own 'Sa'……'